Eudaemonia troglophylla. Bombyx didyma Beauvois 1805 Syn. Peru The genus was erected by Jacob Hübner in 1819. An Eacles in uska genus han Lepidoptera.An Eacles in nahilalakip ha familia nga Saturniidae.. Ilarom nga taxa. Species Général des Lépidoptéres. Eacles masoni fulvaster Rothschild, 1907 Three males of this taxon collected on 31 th July have been examined. Eacles magnifica Walker 1855 Syn. Eacles masoni tyrannus. Sign in to disable ALL ads. Eacles imperialis Drury 1773 (Phalaena) Phalaena imperatoria Smith 1797 Syn. Eacles imperialis didyma. PO Box 9021, Wilmington, DE 19809, USA E-mail: Phone: Toll-free in USA 1-888-721-3555 or 302/529-1876 Description. AMARILLO (1997) assigned records cacicus Boisduval, 1868 (Basilona), see Eacles imperialis cacicus cacina Fruhstorfer, 1912 ( Cuphaarias ) caciparis Hewitson, 1871 ( Charis ), see Crocozona pheretima Species Eacles imperialis - Imperial Moth ... Eacles anchicayensis, approximans, cacicus, decoris, didyma, imperatoria, magnifica, opaca, oslari ... (see 4 adult images by Bruce Walsh) but is found only in the extreme southwest beyond the range of E. imperialis (see distribution map) Print References . Naturgalleri - dyrebilleder, fuglebilleder, sommerfuglebilleder, makrofotografi af insekter, billeder af plante, billede af svampe. Eacles imperialis tucumana (W. Rothschild, 1907) Tu,SE,LR. De smukkeste og enestående naturbilleder. The female Eacles is possibly Eacles imperialis cacicus, and we found a link to a Saturniidae Breeder website that has an image of a pair for comparison. SATURNIIDAE World Homepage für den Saturniidenfreund. Henero sa mga alibangbang ang Eacles.Ang Eacles sakop sa kabanay nga Saturniidae. Eacles is a genus of moths in the family Saturniidae. Eacles ormondei. Lepidoptera Exchange is dedicated to exchange and sell species of lepidoptera. The account represents the first record of E. imperialis (Drury) as cocoa pest. 2010. ent. Eupackardia calleta. AZ16-0076 Eacles ?spec. USA: imperialis imperialis, imperialis oslari, imperialis pini. Saturniidae Eacles imperialis cacicus 2 male Guyane Française Location: Liege, Belgium Seller: Sphinjd (0% / 0) Price: € 6.00 Bid History: Shipping: € 20.00 Time … Contact us: Robert Westphal TheInsectCollector Avenida Playa Cristall 43, Casa 2 (Urb. Some related literature: Boisduval, 1868 Note sur la tribu des Ceratocampides Ann. With these records, the pre-sence of this taxon in Colombia is reported for the first time. Eacles imperialis cacicus (Boisduval, 1868) (Synonyme ou taxon infra-spécifique) × Merci d’apporter des précisions concernant le problème rencontré (identification, représentativité, etc.) Rio Itaya (Iquitos), Peru, March 2016: AZ16-0075 Eacles imperialis cacicus. travnja; Izabrani članci/15, 2018. Gamelia abasia. Phone: ++491799727878 (from 12.00pm) Eacles imperialis anchicayensis. View Bugs From: (You are viewing: All Categories / INSECTS / LEPIDOPTERA (BUTTERFLIES & MOTHS) / SATURNIIDAE, Giant Silkmoths)Please note the following suffixes to product item numbers listed below: "A" - in alcohol, "M" - male only, "F" - female only, "P" - a male/female pair, "S" - a set of specimens, "L" - live specimen, "N" - immature Eacles oslari Rothschild 1907 Syn. The Global Lepidoptera Names Index. Ceratocampa opaca Burmeister 1878 Syn. subspecies Eacles imperialis cacicus Boisduval, 1868. subspecies Eacles imperialis decoris Rothschild, 1907. subspecies Eacles imperialis hallwachsae Brechlin & Meister, 2011. subspecies Eacles imperialis imperialis (Drury, 1773) subspecies Eacles imperialis magnifica Walker, 1855. Eacles imperialis opaca (Burmeister, 1878) BA,ER. Verbreitung : Kanada: imperialis pini. Eacles imperialis cacicus (Boisduval, 1868) Mi. Lepidoptera Exchange est dédicacé à l' échange et la vente de spécimens. Pino Alto) 43892 Miami Playa (Tarragona) Spain. [in English and German] – 368 pp., 336 color plates (2949 photographs), 9 coloured and 2 black-and-white-figures. Nom Eacles imperialis cacicus is a subspecies of insects with 6 observations Eacles imperialis. 30.3 x 21.5 cm. Eacles imperialis PERU & USA Please select... Eacles imperialis PAPERED x1 Male A1/A1- USA (£3.95) Eacles imperialis PAPERED x3 Male A1/A1- USA ($13.28) Eacles imperialis cacicus PAPERED x1 Male A1- PERU ($4.42) This field is required Add to shopping cart Eacles penelope. Eacles acuta; Eacles adoxa; Eacles amazonica; Eacles ambicolor; Eacles anchicayensis; Eacles approximans; Eacles barnesi; Eacles bertrandi Wikipedija:Izabrane godišnjice/12. Basilona cacicus Boisduval 1868 Syn. Thank you for helping build the largest language community on the internet. Eacles imperialis decoris. Home: Inhaltsverzeichnis: Team: Links : Saturniidae of Südamerika. Listen to the audio pronunciation of Eacles imperalis on pronouncekiwi. Eacles nobilis Neumoegen 1891 Syn. Eacles imperialis oslari. Epiphora mythimnia. Wikipedija:Slika tjedna/15, 2018. Eacles punctatissima Neumoegen 1891 Unav. (4) 8: 309-319 Boisduval, 1836 Histoire Naturelle des Insectes. Fr. Hard cover. Naturgalleri - Natur fotos, naturfotografier, Billedgalleri af natur - Natur fotos, naturfotografier. Gamelia rindgei. They are daily updated. Soc. Eacles imperialis cacicus (Boisduval, 1868) ♂ & ♀ Statistiques Dimensions: 850 x 334; Visitée: 3109 fois; Ajoutée le: lundi 30 avril 2012; Ajoutée par: fredodel; Créée le: samedi 06 mars 2010 Epiphora bauhiniae. These lists are long and contain many different species. The moth was found in Milagro - Ecuador producing prominent defoliation on cocoa and other fruit trees. The female Eacles is possibly Eacles imperialis cacicus, and we found a link to a Saturniidae Breeder website that has an image of a pair for comparison. Giacomellia bilineata (Burmeister, 1878) Giacomellia inversa (Giacomelli, 1911) Microdulia mirabilis (Rothschild, 1895) Ne. The hook-tipped moth proved to be somewhat elusive, but we feel we found a close match in a male Hylesia nanus, though it may be a closely related species. Eacles imperialis cacicus. Eacles imperialis tucumana Rothschild, 1907; Eacles johnsoniella Oiticica & Michener 1950; Eacles lauroi Oiticica 1938; Eacles lemairei Barros & Tangerini 1973; Eacles magnifica Walker 1855; Eacles magnifica cacicus Boisduval, 1868; Eacles magnifica typica Bouvier, 1927; Eacles majestalis Draudt 1930; Eacles manuelita Oiticica 1941; Eacles imperialis cacicus (Boisduval, 1868) A single male collected on 31 th July has been examined. It contains the private lists of specimens, Heteroceres and Rhopaloceres. Home; Search; Advanced search; Help; Glossary Stranice s neispravnim poveznicama datoteka. They are native to the Americas. The hook-tipped moth proved to be somewhat elusive, but we feel we found a close match in a male Hylesia nanus, though it may be a closely related species. Il contient les listes privées des spécimens Heteroceres et Rhopaloceres.
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