Grease and line a deep 8 or 10 inch cake tin. Traditional cakes have a lot of pre-soaked fruits in alcohol like rum, vodka, wine etc. It is certainly fine to use red vermouth in the making of the cake, either to soak the fruit or to add to the batter. Beat the butter, sugar and vanilla until creamy, then beat in the eggs one by one. Fruit cakes are made with dry fruits or chopped /candied fruits, soaked in an alcoholic liquid with nuts and spices. I only soak these dried fruits for my fruit cakes. Gimpymoo. Can I Substitute Or Use Other Types Of Dried Fruit? So make sure to brush and wrap the cake with cheesecloth or towel soaked in alcohol every week or whenever it is dry. The macerated fruit mixture is the star ingredient to any Caribbean black cake recipe. 6. Preheat the oven to 160 C / 140 C Fan / Gas 2-3. The flavor of your cake is based on the fruits and alcohol mix you use. It is a necessary part of any Trini Christmas lime. The alcohol content does not affect the cake at this point and the spices used in red vermouth would be quite appropriate for Christmas. If you’ve never had this cake, at first glance it may resemble that of a chocolate cake, but the deep dark color comes from the main ingredient- dried macerated fruits. Stir everything together, then scrape into the cake tin. The better your spirits, the better the flavor of the finished cake. The sweetness of the fruits, sourness from the liquid, the crunchiness of the nuts, and the flavours of the all spice, makes it a well-balanced Christmas cake. Choosing Alcohol for Fruitcake. Brandy, rum or sherry are the suggested alcohols to use for soaking your fruit and topping the cake. ... Soaking fruits for a Christmas cake is very simple. Christmas cake (Part-1) Soaking the dry fruits.Christmas is around the corner, it is incomplete without the fruit cake. Steps. Christmas Cake For You and Your Loved Ones – Here’s How to ... ... […] You add rum to fruitcake both before baking through soaking the fruit and after baking by applying directly to the cake and to a cheesecloth. This adds moisture and flavor. Nigella's Traditional Christmas Cake recipe (from Nigella Christmas) warms the dried fruits in alcohol then leaves them to soak overnight. Discussion in 'La Cuisine' started by Gimpymoo, 28 Oct 2020. Here comes a detailed post on how to soak dry fruits for Christmas fruit cake (plum cake) either in alcohol or juice and how long to soak and how to store the prepared fruit mix. My Mum-in-law always adds dates, walnuts, and raisins and the spices are added later while making the cake batter. They can be soaked anywhere between 1 year to 1 day before the day of baking. Christmas Cake - Soak fruit in alcohol if feeding the cake anyway? 1. The mixed fruit, cherries etc have been soaking in alcohol in a covered bowl in the fridge whilst I've been waiting for my new cooker to arrive. Capodecina. Basting fruitcake with rum or other alcohol also provides moisture and helps preserve the cake. Using a skewer, poke numerous holes into all sides of the cake, pushing the skewer all the way through to the other side. This beloved rum soaked fruit cake is highly revered and sought after during Christmas time as well as weddings and celebrations. Show only OP | 28 Oct 2020 at 10:40 #1. However, if you are using orange juice, please ensure that you extract fresh juice from sweet oranges. Plus tips on storage and feeding your Christmas cake (boozy and non-boozy). You can even use one third of the fruit mix in this Rich Christmas Cake recipe. A day before, or even a week or month before making the cake, soak your fruits in the alcohol. I soaked the dry culmination & nuts for three days at room temperature. An easy Christmas cake that turns out perfect every time.No creaming, beating or soaking of fruit required! Every home we visited during the Christmas season had one thing for sure, BOOZY CHRISTMAS FRUIT CAKE! Trinidad black cake is made with rum soaked dried fruits, browning and spices along with typical cake ingredients like butter, sugar, eggs, flour, baking powder, zest, and essence. Joined: 31 May 2005 Posts: 15,114 Location: Nottingham. If you wish to make an alcoholic version of this cake, feel free to use rum/brandy/bourbon or whiskey instead of the orange juice. ; Cover and steam for a few minutes, spooning the sauce all over the cake. The first step to making this smashing cake is Soaking Dry Fruits of your choice in an alcohol that suits your palate the most. Feel free to dilute the rum or whiskey with water, since most of the alcohol will evaporate during the baking process. Soaking the dried fruits for a minimum of 2-3 months is recommended for a rich Fruit Cake. however in case you need you could soak for 12 hours or 24 hours or many days or maybe 6 months or maybe 1 12 months earlier than. The first step of making the Rich Christmas Fruit Cake requires soaking of the fruits in alcohol. But Mama's a Southern Baptist, so drinkin's a sin. Yearly bakers start to soak their mixed fruits the beginning of the year and bake first week in December and feed the cakes with alcohol once a week up to Christmas. Ingredients. I am someone who is little less organised and doesn’t bother about soaking dry fruits, only to sulk seeing the gorgeous beauties of fruit cakes on foodie groups and other blog posts. This process as simple as it sounds is also very crucial in bringing out the authentic flavors of the cake. I began making my Christmas cake a week or so ago - but my oven packed up. Melt the butter in a large saucepan. The first cake on the list is always Trinidad black cake, sometimes called Trinidad fruit cake.
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