DNN is the number one Web content management solution in the Microsoft ecosystem. An important note: Language Packs. EasyDNN Maps offers you the ability to add Google Maps to your website and use advanced features in an easy way. Useful links. Also, you are entitled to all the new versions we publish within a year after your buying an upgrade, with the same license rights. This product gets 5 stars for the EXCELLENT support from the vendor. If you missed it, we’ve also recently added lots of new interesting features in our products. Very prompt in responding to questions and issues. After 90 days, you can buy an upgrade for the professional version. EasyDNNmaps is a module that enables simple adding of Google maps, adding markers, filtering by location (store location function) and detection of user location. DNN Store. Easy Digital Downloads is a complete eCommerce solution for WordPress. The campaigns are sent only when the sending criteria are met, i.e., only in case of new articles after the last email sending. Security. The professional license allows the activation and use on 20 portals within 1 DNN installation. Learn More. Everything about Easy Containers is stored in files in DNN containers folders, so they can also be modified manually. Security Center. EasyDNNmailChimp Plus is a module which links your DNN site with MailChimp and allows you to use all the great features offered by MailChimp. In this case you will be able to install a module, but its activation will not be allowed. EasyDNNmaps is a module that enables simple adding of Google maps, adding markers, filtering by location (store location function) and detection of user location. EasyDNNnews can be used for blogs, news websites, product catalogs, or you can run a complex newspaper website. Language Packs. It integrates easily with EasyDNNnews module. A professional DNN image, video & audio gallery. EasyDNNnews is a very powerful DotNetNuke module that enables non-technical users to publish and manage articles. EasyDNN MegaMenu is an easy to use DNN module that enables advanced mega menus in EasyDNN Themes. Comprising the westernmost peninsula of Eurasia, Europe is generally divided from Asia by the watershed divides of the Ural and Caucasus Mountains, the Ural River, the Caspian and Black Seas, and … Professional Custom DNN Forms Made Easy. 1. While our core focus is on DNN modules, our mission is to provide top quality products. In the integration with EasyDNNnews module, it displays article locations, events, real estates and other. Please do not upgrade multiple standard or professional modules after buying an upgrade for 1 standard or professional license. Currently it comes with five top presentations that will perfectly merge with your web pages. During that time, we have developed some of the most popular DNN modules. Automate the sending of emails from articles added to the EasyDNNnews module. This module works great. EasyDNNnews is a very powerful DotNetNuke module that enables non-technical users to publish and manage articles, news, press releases, stories and editorials. Install DNN. All the products in the collection … DNN Sharp is a leading provider with a proven track record in defining, designing and developing DNN Modules catering to a passionate community of thousands of users. Buying a standard license entitles you to all new versions we publish within 90 days after purchase. Vorbereitungsprüfungen vor der ECDL-Prüfung Easy4Me bietet Lernzielkontrollen am Ende eines jeden Moduls an. About license: Even better, they are automatically linked to the table of your choice in your DotNetNuke database. … … XMod Pro makes it a breeze to create highly styled, professional forms in DNN and Evoq like the one shown below. EasyDNN StyleWizard is another great tool which comes with EasyDNN Themes. Manuals. Upgrades can be purchased at any time for up to two years after buying a module. EasyDNN Solutions is a company specializing in the development of DNN modules and themes. Module usage: The skin is easy to work with. During that time, we have developed some of the most popular DNN modules. Policies. Telerik free - DNN 9.8 ready – compatible with DNN 9.8, supported the new version of MailChimp API – due to a change in the MailChimp API, creating of campaigns will not work in older version, so it required to upgrade the module. Module usage: Did you know that about 70% of visitors will never visit your website again? The module can be also purchased as a part of It is possible to set different markers for each category. Price: $79.95. Auf Easy4Me finden Sie Unterrichtsmaterialien für den Informatikunterricht, die Vorbereitung auf die ECDL-Prüfungen (Europäischer Computerführerschein) und Advanced Module. DNN Software allows users to make quick CMS comparisons. Become a Seller. DNNGo.net is a site provide top quality DotNetNuke templates, DNN Skins and DNN Theme and DNN Modules. This module makes it easy to keep my DNN users synced with my MailChimp account so I can send out email newsletters to an accurate list of recipients at the click of a button. Upgrades cost less than the full price of the module. DNN STORE. We are known for quality products that are regularly maintained in order to be compatible with new versions of DNN and other related technologies. This module allows you to instantly add users from your site to the your email list - sounds simple but try to do it on your own and you will understand why this is such a great module. Europe is, by convention, one of the world's seven continents. Expand your content authoring team with easy to configure content publishing workflow, granular user-level permissions from Evoq Content Web CMS. It enables you to use on your website the embedded and pop-up forms which. Upgrading modules to new versions: An upgrade bought in this manner can be used to upgrade a module that has been bought in the previous two years. Do you have a module, skin or product that you would like to list in the Store? New feature to allow use of multiple API keys from different MailChimp accounts: create subscription forms with different MailChimp accounts within DNN portal, create campaigns with different MailChimp accounts within DNN portal, create schedule with different MailChimp accounts within DNN portal, sync DNN users with selected MailChimp account, Improved accessibility of subscription forms, New: added the possibility of enabling the GDPR consent checkboxes in the signup forms, Compatibility: the module is compatible with DNN/Evoq 9.2 and backward compatible with DNN 6.2+, Fixed: small bugs and other small improvements, added the possibility of integration with the EasyDNN SIMPLE FORUM module, this integration enables sending of newsletters with the new topics from the Simple Forum module, the intervals of sending newsletters can be on a daily, weekly and monthly basis, complete automation of sending newsletters is possible or a manual selection of topics, the integration with the EasyDNN News module requires EasyDNN SIMPLE FORUM 1.5, full compatibility with the latest version of DNN and Evoq (9.1.1), fixed the issue with filtering of articles in scheduled campaigns, fixed the issue with selecting of instance where article details will be opened  in news regular/scheduled campaings, fixed the issue with subscribing of users in multiportal environment, After the announcement that Telerik will be removed from DNN/Evoq we’ve managed to sucesfully replace, possibility of integration DNN users with MailChimp list, registered users can manage in sign-up form lists and groups to which they are subscribed, possibility of querying an external database, possibility of creating custom SQL queries, possibility of linking MailChimp list fields with the columns from SQL queries, possibility of manually selecting articles for campaign, possibility to restrict article selection by date range, possibility to set campaign title based on article title, date or campaign subject, possibility to localize MailChimp merge fields displayed in sign-up form, possibility to localize title and subtitle fields displayed in sign-up form, Unlimited number of embedded and Pop-up signup forms at the website, Selection of MailChimp lists and groups to which visitors can subscribe, Selection of additional MailChimp list fields, Setting the cookie duration after which the form is shown again, syncing registered DNN users with MailChimp lists and groups, possibility of syncing MC list fields and DNN user profile fields, possibility of syncing only users with an active status of the DNN role, possibility of using True/False DNN user profile property, Get user info (from the MC list fields in the DNN property fields), possibility of linking to an external database, link the MailChimp list fields with the columns from SQL queries.

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