The August 27 encounter was filmed just days before a 4.4 metre, 250kg male saltwater croc (pictured) was trapped in the Flora River Nature Park - about 120 kilometres south-west of Katherine and about three hours from Kakadu National Park, The catch followed a 3.3 metre male saltwater croc (pictured) being caught in the Katherine River - 55 kilometres downstream of Katherine - last week. It was the largest croc caught in the Flora River by local rangers in about five years. The men were attacked by the four-meter (13-foot) crocodile in the Finniss River in the remote Northern Territory after they entered the river to wash their motorbikes. The shocking moment, which was shared on social media on August 27, was watched by two others in the background. The smaller the boat the greater the risk. The Queen wants her children and grandchildren to 'enjoy Christmas with their other loved-ones' and 'not... 'The local Gestapo are at it again! ': North Yorkshire police spark fury by launching border patrols with... Cyber hackers target Covid vaccine 'cold chain' distribution firms in 'global campaign with hallmarks of a... Driving home for Christmas? In the Northern Territory (NT) common names for saltwater crocodiles include estuarine crocodile, saltie and croc. Commander Tennosaar said the man was hunting in waist-deep water when the crocodile attacked him. A Northern Territory swimming spot has been closed after a swimmer got bitten by a crocodile. We are no longer accepting comments on this article. A man has been killed by a crocodile while trying to cross a river near the Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory, police say. See why nearly a quarter of a million subscribers begin their day with the Starting 5. The two predators faced off just meters away from people fishing and children swimming. When pulled into a “death roll,” fight like crazy. Dozens of divers try to venture across the submerged crossing, but end up being washed in to croc-infested waters. The saltwater crocodile remains entirely motionless as it watches on. 'I decided to take the photo of him squatting there so we could ID him to the cops,' Mr Brodie told the NT News. Transport Secretary Grant Shapps says almost 800 miles of roadworks will be cleared for five-day bubble period as the Government tries to prevent travel chaos, No10 has 'gambled with the UK's future' by choosing to relax Covid-19 restrictions over Christmas, MPs warn, Rishi Sunak braces Britain for tax rises warning the country's huge coronavirus-fuelled debt pile could be a disaster if interest rates spike, How the other half leave lockdown: On same day he forecast more economic gloom for the country... Rishi Sunak heads to Mayfair private members club Loulou's with his billionaire heiress wife (who wore a £1,630 leather coat and £445 Gucci trainers). Crocodiles are a common occurrence at the crossing and one 40-year-old man, Kerry McLoughlin was tragically taken and decapitated by one in 1987. The Northern Territory (NT) Government has dedicated and active crocodile management programs for public water bodies and Parks and Reserves in many locations across the Top End. 'We counted 11 crocs in the area in front of the viewing platform and a couple on the lower side.'. A woman behind the camera can be heard nervously laughing at situation as she predicts the man's actions. Drone footage has captured the moment a 16-foot crocodile intimidated a bull shark in waters off Australia's far north coast. As soon as the man has the fish in hand, he turns to walk away but does a double take and scurries back to pick an item off the ground. Frustrated residents on Britain's worst road for broadband blast 'absolutely awful' connection on affluent... GCSEs and A-levels will get EASIER for all pupils and results could be marked with an asterisk to alert... Students will have staggered return to university over five-week period after Christmas to avoid Covid surge... And now for the sandwiches! File photo: A Saltwater crocodile glides through the water in Darwin, Australia. Many have lost their lives, including fisherman, children, photographers, and backpackers. Protecting British businesses: How the UK Government is extending its furlough scheme until the spring, Winter of wellness: How to keep your family fit and healthy during lockdown and beyond. Last month a tourist was spotted sitting on the edge of the croc-infected riverbank, trying to lure in one of the predators by slapping the water with a stick for a selfie. The couple repeatedly told him to stay back but he ignored their warnings. World Crocodile Crocodile attack Australia. Terrifying video footage shows the couple's car submerged into water as they attempted to cross to the other side of the river. NT is famous for its big crocs - The Feed heads to the backyards of Darwin to meet some toothy pets. All non-powered vessels are prohibited in Kakadu. A group of saltwater crocodiles are seen swimming at Cahills Crossing in the Northern Territory, Video footage captured the terrifying moment a couple were stuck in the middle of Cahills Crossing (pictured), a popular spot in Kakadu National Park, notorious for saltwater crocodiles. Rachelle Wastle and her husband Peter were driving through the crossing in early August when they were blocked by a dozen crocodiles. Despite the string of danger signs surrounding the crossing, the man told the couple he simply wanted to get a closer look. “Sweetheart” was dubbed the "heavyweight champion" of Sweets Billabong in the Northern Territory's Finniss River, about 55 kilometres south west of Darwin. Cahills Crossing, on the East Alligator River in the Northern Territory, is notorious for its croc infested waters and human misadventure. The video also appears on their shared Instagram page beside the description: "Just a couple friends hanging out in Kununurra. Be Crocwise integrates public education and active crocodile management by the Northern Territory Government to reduce the risk of crocodile attacks in the Top End. Northern Territory checklist for a safe driving holiday – English, ... Crocodiles can attack and take people from boats. 'He's going to get it out before he gets to him,' she said. Crocodile attack kills ranger in Northern Territory . Crocodile Attacks Zebra at Africa Serengeti Deadliest Crocodile Hunt American Crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) Dog eaten by crocodile in Jamaica Teaching Croc’s that Boats have food, Not Good. 'We had been camping in an area where you walk along the beach and a crocodile would appear two metres in front of you.'. Footage of the close encounter at Cahills Crossing in the Northern Territory's Kakadu National Park shows the angler quickly reeling in a fish as a crocodile … Drone footage captured the moment a monster 16-foot crocodile intimidates a bull shark in waters off Australia’s far north coast. They estimated the reptile measured 5 meters (16 feet) in length, commenting "that's Straya for ya". Thirty-two years before a woman managed to shoo … "A monster Salt Water Croc spotted hanging out with a Bull Shark not far from Ivanhoe Crossing in Kununurra," the caption reads. The couple were returning to their home in Darwin. Chelsea and Bryce Wood uploaded the video to their YouTube Channel "Caravan Adventure Aus" earlier this month. A Northern Territory man is lucky to be alive after he was attacked by a two metre saltwater crocodile in a remote Indigenous community. As of November 24, the couple were in Marrakai, exploring the Corroboree Billabong in a bid to find another crocodile. ", You have 4 free articles remaining this month, Sign-up to our daily newsletter for more articles like this + access to 5 extra articles. Ken who's a family friend and local in the area took us out on his boat fishing and croc spotting. The comments below have not been moderated. 2010s In April 2010, a 25-year-old woman from New Jersey was killed by a saltwater crocodile while snorkeling in India's Andaman Islands. At one stage the selfie taker was within five metres of a crocodile and was even splashing the water with his hand to draw them in. So he and Yusuke Fukuda, a wildlife scientist with Australia's Northern Territory government, are hoping that DNA testing will solve the mystery surrounding the sudden rise in crocodile attacks. Was like nothing we'd experienced before. The young couple have been caravanning around Australia for the past nine months, having started their journey in South Australia. Two friends risked their lives when they drank rum in crocodile infested waters Lachlan Morgan and Beau Bromley swam in Northern Territory's Shady Camp They swam for … According to their YouTube page, the pair restored an old Windsor caravan to allow them to live "off the grid" and on the road. The European power-players EU need to know!